Expert film production and shoot facilitation in South Africa's stunning Garden Route

Exquisite locations.
Superb production management.

Let's roll.

Why shoot on South Africa's Garden Route with us?

Local location knowledge

We're locals. We know our beaches, and forests, mountain passes and roads, small towns and secret locations because we live and work here

Shoot mini. Shoot maxi. Shoot mega.

Whether you're shooting a simple and mobile stills campaign, or an epic multiverse movie, we'll scale to the size that works for you creatively and financially

A great production experience

We make shoots work well and we make them fun too. Great film gear. Experienced crew. Easy airports, cozy hotels and fast internet. We're savvy and service oriented.

A world of beautiful stills, TV and film locations

From gentle rivers to lush forests and majestic beaches, luxury villas and picturesque villages to scenic country roads and charming hiking trails, the Garden Route offers an abundance of magical and cinematic backdrops
Tree view
Mountain beach
Featherbed at night
Walkway FB
River bend
Forest path
Beach cliffs
Rver estuary

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